NaNoWriMo 2021

Yes, I’m doing it again.

Names and Other Made-Up Things by Tessa Novak: a mock-up I made on my phone.

I’m working on an idea I had a couple of years ago. It began with this sentence: He’d been intending to eat the kitten.

But why, Tessa? Why would you write such a thing? You love cats!

I do love cats. And – spoiler alert – he doesn’t eat the kitten. (OR DOES HE.) (He doesn’t.)

This is my first time writing from a boy’s perspective, and so far it’s been fine – probably because he’s prepubescent. Teenaged boys confuse me. My son is almost 16 and I am baffled by him on a daily basis.

It’s also the first time I’ve worked with a dual perspective: the kitten-eating boy and the girl who hears voices.

There are a bunch of ways I could go with this, but since I’m a pantser, I have no idea which one I’ll choose.

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