Seven for a Secret (originally One of Your Girls)
Talia is the luckiest girl she knows, but she’s plagued by nightmares of an alternate life in which she’s miserable and alone. As her perfect world begins to unravel, Talia has to face some harsh truths and figure out the difference between reality and fantasy before she loses everything.

South by South Death
At a popular tech conference, a web developer finds herself at the center of an investigation into the sudden death of a controversial speaker. Can she figure out who the killer was before she becomes the next victim?

Momentary Thing
As a supermodel dating the most eligible bachelor in New York, Chloe is living the dream. It’s just not her dream.

Frequency Resonance
Thea¬†remembers things that didn’t happen. But the murders? Those happened, and they might have been her fault. (Currently between titles.)

Serial Victim
Her brother is a serial killer, so she knows how to spot them. But when she tries to catch one on her own, will she become a hero or a victim?

Post-Partum Defection (formerly Don’t Let’s Start)
[Description to come]

Unreliable Narrator
[Description to come]

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